"Our group, collectively, was tangibly more engaged and morale was invigorated, after our workshops"

Ivan Tosques, Ph.D. - VP Corporate Accounts, Shire Pharmaceuticals

The Science

  At Centered Leadership Institute, we understand how the human mind works. Drawing from newest research in Neuro-Sciences, Organizational Psychology, and our ongoing in-house research on Thinking Patterns of Successful Entrepreneurs and Leaders, we design all programs based on the fact that several intelligences have to interplay simultaneously in the human mind for most effective learning: Cognitive and Somatic Intelligences. This interaction, which is essentially the interplay of Head and Gut, fundamentally impacts human performance and the ability to increase performance. 

Centered Leadership Institute has developed a 3-step Methodology which engages the learner in holistic learning process that engages cognitive and somatic intelligences. Our proprietary approach helps you and your team to integrate new strategies effectively into daily routines. 

The Process

At Centered Leadership Institute, we customize all programs to your unique development needs. For this, we engage in a variety of different processes to design the program that allows for highest impact. 

Here are a few of our customization processes:

- Need Assessments & Gap Analysis
- Design and Delivery of Executive & Team Training/Behavioral Coaching
- International Leadership Insensitive Programs. ROI Measurements
- Follow-up & scalable implementation support
- Sustainable long-term strategy development

The Payoff

 Achieve Peak Performance!

Realize everyone’s full potential. We will help you put scalable systems into place to increase communication and leadership skills in a sustainable way!

Creating programs designed for habit creation tremendously increases your chances for long-term success. Simply understanding new practices does not guarantee successful change. However, when living the new routines, our success rate increases tremendously. Our programs are designed to help you systematically implement new skills into daily routines so you achieve long-term success – ultimately impacting your bottom-line.